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Askhad Ardanov
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Askhad Ardanov Shrillity, shreddity, brutality, exterminatedly and.. SYMPHONIC? :O
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Track off upcoming EP


Open your mind, see what I've become,
my thoughts are my only freedom
transcendent through realms from infinite worlds
Cascading through the essence of time
Destruction is everything I know everything that I've been brought up to believe
and its all that I shall bring upon, forced upon generations to come
I am beyond infinite
I am omega

And now, I'm here drowning in my subconscious entity.
So I'm trying to break free, to my constant reality.
But still im sliping through the cracks built on my selfishness

I gaze at my own fading lucidity, As visions of black engulf me
My mind rots, a malignant decay
A pernicious, cognizance consuming disease

I am the incarnation of hate
Bound together by the hands of corruption
Created in the depths of dispair
To overcome the chains
Of my wretched existence
I wont let mercy prevail
My wrath is infinite

Drowning in my own self pity
Trapped I am in this wretched city
Praying for light to be at the end of this cold and narrow tunnel
Reduced to tears of mold
Left feeling bitter and cold
My sense of freedom’s dissolved
If only I could erase my pain!

I'm trying to break free of this fucking reality,
constantly screaming the words of insanity,
I'm torn between two worlds of divinity

I am stuck in my own abstraction
Still it's a rapture, yet I'm caught in disaster
All my senses numb and misled
With all the voices inside my head

This translucent veil
Can no longer adequately retain my sanity

As I gaze beyond the horizon into the black eye of death
Harbingers of a greater nothing are starting to orbit me
Revolve around me

This vacant state of mind has taken control
My mind seems absent and I'm losing my soul


released March 10, 2015
vocalist featured: Avenge The Sin, Dolor, Aeons Of Corruption, Beyond Deviation, ex-A Night In Texas



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Shrill Whispers Bratislava, Slovakia

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